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Healthy Eyes – Full Course


I’ll in for the full program!

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Module 1 : Introductory level starts on June 7th, 2023

  • Understanding the eye in layman terms
  • Holistic impact of healthy eyesight on :
    • the eyes and the rest of the body
    • the eyes and the mind
    • the eyes and the emotions
  • Building a sustainable foundation of optical health
  • Healing and clearing all trauma affecting the eye

Module 2 : Intermediary level starts on July 5th, 2023(after completion of Module 1)

  • Strengthening the foundation of optical health
  • Diving deeper into the mechanics of eye function
  • Understanding why we perceive what we see
  • Advanced techniques for releasing emotions held in the eye

Module 3  : Advanced level starts on August 2nd, 2023 (after completion of Module 2)

  • Shifting from mechanical awareness to holistic awareness
  • Understanding and changing the beliefs that affect our sight
  • Re-programming the conscious and the subconscious mind to support healthy sight
  • Establishing a sustainable healing protocol for continued well-being

Each module will last 4 weeks and will consist of :

  • Two live one-hour webinars with Heather and Nina (recordings available)
  • Two live Q&A sessions to review your progress
  • Take away tips for you to play with at home


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